Birds Island Municipal Reserve

A few minutes by boat from Boca del Drago, toward the open sea, is the Birds Island (also known as Swan's Cay or Isla de los Pájaros), bird sanctuary that consists of a group of rocks forming arches and cliffs full of vegetation.

Nest there the beautiful and rare tropical bird or Rabijunco Piquirrojo (Phaeton aethereus), the male wearing a white plumage, orange beak and a long and showy tail, and the friendly brown booby (Sula leucogaster), also known as alcatraz or bobo.

While the first nests in holes in the cliffs, the brown booby does all over the floor of the island.

Other seabirds such as the brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis), the frigate (Fregata magnificens) and various gulls and terns, spend part of their time in the cay.

To avoid disturbing the birds, especially the boobies, is not allowed nor recommended disembarkation on the island, so that watching tours (by boat), merely circling the island.