The idea of this website is to provide and maintain an "non-scientific" information database as well as links to scientific information (papers) published in internet, of all related with environment of the Province of Bocas del Toro, for the use of other web sites that require such information.

It is therefore a contribution that Visual Adventures and the NGOs partners in this project, Alianza Bocas and Fundación para la Protección del Mar - PROMAR (Bocas del Toro), make with the interest to will pass appropriate information as possible to the general public and not, as sometimes happens, erroneous data that lead to confusion.

This database will be updated as other volunteers provide more descriptions and, although it is declared as "non-scientific" we will be providing, when necessary, minimal scientific information, such as taxonomies. It added that the volunteers who provide information will be receiving the respective credits.

As if this were not enough, in each of the sections of this website we will be adding the bibliography of scientific and non-scientific subject related.

The conditions for use are the to make direct links to the page that will be used, given that it can be closed at end use independently, ie the page that the call has to create a new page, in order not to lose their initial position. In addition, the Web site that uses this site should include in their own external links this site address as:

"Bocas del Toro Natural Environments -".