As we mentioned in our Introduction, all areas included in the SINAP and lie, even partially, in the province of Bocas del Toro, are part of the Biosphere Reserve La Amistad.

Therefore, in this section you will find not only the maps of each of the reserves but also the general map of the Biosphere Reserve above.

Little by little, also, we will be adding other maps such as coral reefs, mangroves, forests and their status, the presence of species of animals, etc. etc.

Reserva de la Biósfera La Amistad                             Parque Internacional La Amistad                             Bosque Protector de Palo Seco

La Amistad Biosfera Reserve           La Amistad International Park            Palo Seco Protector Forest

Humedal Ramsar San San-Pond Sak                                Parque Nacional Marino Isla Bastimentos

San San-Pond-Sak Wetland           Bastimentos Island Marine Park

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